Savannah State University National Alumni Association


Please carefully read the guidelines related to SSUNAA Annual Awards and adhere as required. These guidelines were approved at the 2017 SSUNAA Annual Meeting.

Recipients for each award are recognized during the Annual Homecoming Weekend.


  1. Applicants are required to send their applications electronically via Awards Nomination Form or Awards committee email:
    Rationale: one location for all applications submitted and received in each respective category.
  2. Applicants are to submit packet by September 30th deadline.
  3. Applicants must be financially supportive of SSU/SSUNAA within the past 2 years. Must provide proof of contribution of a minimum of $500.

Awards Committee Members
Vanessa R. Strong, Committee Chair- Atlanta Metro Chapter
Lenora Moore- Savannah Chapter
LaTora Green- Texas Chapter
Kamaria S. Hill- District of Columbia Chapter

Awards Criteria & Applications

Nomination Form for Chapter of the Year
A Chapter Recognition program will encourage and promote leadership, chapter membership, chapter activities and contributions to Savannah State University. All chapter officers and chapter committee chairs must be active/financial members of the Alumni Association for their chapter to be eligible.
Nomination Form for Family of The Year
Every family with siblings attending Savannah State is potentially eligible for nomination. At least one family member must be financially supportive of SSU/SSUNAA and provide proof of a contribution of a minimum of $500 within the past 2 years. The award is made to a family, not an individual, for its confidence in the University as evidenced by the number of family members attending the institution, the achievement of family members while matriculating or after departing the university and other evidence of support and for our Alma Mater.
Nomination Form for Presidential Medallion of Excellence
EXCELLENCE (defined): Excellence is the highest attribute of merit an individual can achieve. This honor is one of the most outstanding virtues known to present-day society.

An alumnus who has achieved local, state or national recognition in a chosen field of endeavor, either as a professional or a volunteer, who has excelled academically after graduation, supportive and active in the National Alumni Association, exemplary of the highest moral and ethical standards befitting SSU graduates.

If you would prefer to submit a PDF Application to the committee via email, use the links below.

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